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7 Sights Challenge: Take Glaucoma Out of the Picture

Get involved with World Glaucoma Week, this March and challenge yourself to Find, Snap and Share seven ‘sights’ and join together against Glaucoma.

Glaucoma Australia aims to spread appreciation for our eyes while helping gain awareness for Glaucoma and its devastating effects on people’s eyesight through the 7 Sights Challenge. One in fifty Australians is affected by glaucoma, the main contributor to avoidable but permanent vision loss and blindness. Your funding efforts will contribute to helping eliminate glaucoma blindness by promoting early identification, improved treatment results, and life-improving support services.

Throughout March, thousands of Australians will be Finding, Snaping and Sharing this year’s 7 Sights:

  1. Scenic Sight– Discover a stunning waterfall, breathtaking mountain view or colourful sunset.
  2. Structures Sight– A feature architectural masterpiece, intricate bridge or even a windmill!
  3. Selfie Sight– Strike a pose with an awesome backdrop!
  4. Creative Sight– Find some crazy graffiti, a sculpture or an amazing art piece – anything that’s expressive and creative!
  5. Local Sight– Highlight something your neighbourhood has to offer – perhaps a local coffee shop with an amazing brew, a peaceful park, or anything that’s a local treasure to you.
  6. Quirky Sight– Showcase anything that’s a little different – something fun, intriguing and unique!
  7. Wildlife Sight– Spot the creatures of the outdoors, whether they’re a colourful bird, a mother Kangaroo with a Joey or a turtle. Photograph and share some native wildlife!

To uncover, capture, and share your photographic gems, you can explore your neighbourhood or new locations by cycling, strolling, running, skating, or even swimming! As you complete these challenges, you’ll raise funds for the cause and take a stand against glaucoma blindness. By taking part in 7 Sights Challenge, the funds you raise will go towards critical services that prevent vision loss and fund ground-breaking research which improves treatment outcomes and saves sight. Every snap taken and every sight shared reminds us how precious our eyesight really is. Together we can take glaucoma out of the picture!

Join thousands of Australians and become a Sight Saving Champion this March to fundraise, raise awareness and celebrate sight! Register today!

Want to know more about how Glaucoma affects your eyesight? Read more about the risks, identification and treatment of glaucoma and about how you can come together to help individuals preserve their eyesight through World Glaucoma Week.

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